SOAP&XML via Infinity

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our INFINITY team  is pleased to announce that the “SOAP & XML” feature is now available to all INFINITY users.

S.O.A.P. (Simple Object Access Protocol) allows any web enabled system of a company to exchange structured information with a vessel (via INFINITY).  Due to the nature of this protocol and its language, SOAP is totally independent and secures compatibility with any programming model.

In this way all of the crew welfare related transactions from ship to shore, can be executed faster, with increased security and consistency, without the need for any user intervention. 

This feature is already used in some companies that have linked their crew management system with Crew internet accounts. Each time a new crewmember joins a vessel, a new crew internet and calling account is created with specific quotas to apply, depending on his rank. The most interesting thing is that any consumption in units (i.e. crew internet PINs reload) is automatically charged to the company’s payroll system, significantly  simplifying accounting procedures.

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