Light Surfing on Demand

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A great feature that significantly differentiates INFINITY from its competition is "Light Surfing on Demand". Crewmembers have the option to start light web browsing (meaning that they visit the light or mobile version of websites), by simply clicking the "Light surfing on Demand" icon on the welcome screen of INFINITY. Having measured mobile web performance across a wide range of devices, browsers, networks, and sites, it turns out that a mobile webpage load consumes approximately 0.01 MBytes. The "Light Surfing on demand" feature in combination with the large allowance FB packages, where the cost per MByte is lower than $1.00, gives the option to crewmembers to surf on the web at approx  $0.01 per webpage. This feature solidifies INFINITY as the "must have" system for crew welfare.

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