New VoIP service by INFINITY can give free of charge office-to-ship telephony

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

INFINITY has launched a new Voice over IP service that is specifically developed to connect vessels using  INFINITY with the office at a minimal cost, or under some conditions at no cost at all.

The VoIP service allows ship operators to use the office switchboard to call any vessel as if it was a regular extension in the office. Also, vessels can call the office the same way, without dialing any country prefix, directly to the extension of the person in the office they wish to contact.  Therefore, shore to ship telephone cost is minimized and becomes part of your monthly FleetBroadband usage allowance.

Infinity's VoIP is a proprietary service that uses bandwidth efficiencies resulting from the use of INFINITY for data exchange. Through caching, INFINITY creates a “bandwidth surplus” that can in turn be allocated to Voice over IP consumption. The result is that both office and vessels can benefit from calling each other at no cost and particular attention has been given to the quality aspect, which is of paramount importance in the ship-to-shore communications.

Mr. Panos Tsikopoulos, Commercial Director of Navarino said:  “We are very pleased to have the ability to provide VoIP calling to our customers.

We know it has taken numerous weeks of research and development from the INFINITY team to come up with a solution that not only provides significant value and savings to customers in these difficult times for the shipping industry in general, but also does not sacrifice quality for cost. As a matter of fact a unique characteristic ofINFINITY╩╝s VoIP is that the voice quality of the new service is equal, if not better, to that of the regular FB voice channel.”

INFINITY VoIP is available now as a standard free-of-charge upgrade to INFINITY users. 

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