INFINITY 1.6 is launched

Thursday, September 6, 2012

INFINITY version 1.6 is now officially launched and includes some unique features as well as some innovative enhancements of the existing features.
The most important additions/enhancements in version 1.6 are:

· VoIP ship-to-shipping company
Shipping companies may choose to have the benefit of calling to and from their vessels  through the use of INFINITY’s Voice over IP (VoIP) service.

· VoIP with global termination
This service allows users onboard vessels to use Voice over IP calling instead of the regular voice channel as provided by their satellite communications systems. The main benefit is that VoIP consumes bandwidth from the monthly allowance/bundle of the vessel, avoiding out‐of‐bundle   Voice charges.

· Automatic Failover and Load balancing
When more than one system exists on‐board (e.g. two FB units or one FB and one VSAT unit), Infinity automatically balances the load between the two networks/devices for optimum web browsing performance and in case either one of the   systems fails for whatever reason, INFINITY automatically   swaps the connection to the next available system in operation to maintain connectivity.

· Improved remote monitoring and control
Firewall log: Administrators can view in real time all at   tempted sessions which are blocked
Hot Spot: All connected users/devices in the crew LAN can  be retrieved remotely and the administrator can white‐list   or block any of them. Also all connected users can be   disconnected if needed at any time
Virtual machines: All registered virtual machines with  INFINITY Plus can be managed (start/ stop/ pause and resume) remotely from the hub
Mail queue: All suspended e‐mails can be retrieved and released
VPN: All the VPN tunnels between ship and hub can be  viewed

·  File Type filtering for e‐mail and web.
All well known file types can be blocked either  during web surfing or exchange of e‐mails. The IT  administrator can have full control by accessing the  relevant service through INFINITY’s portal.

· E‐mail smart filters
Through the use of this new smart filter mechanism it is possible to define any business rule, by combining e‐mail attributes like priority, size, recipients and system properties like current provider, time periods etc.

· Query enhancements
INFINITY’s "what you see is what you can query" mechanism has been further developed and now  allows users to retrieve and execute results from  queries. Users can define and build queries to be executed at specific intervals such as daily or at the end of the month (or in any other interval) and the results can be sent by e‐mail to specific recipients in csv format.

· High quality images at lower price
All compressed images downloaded whilst web surfing can now  be uncompressed to their original size, charging the user only for the compressed version. With this enhancement, the user surfing experience is improved whilst cost is kept at a minimum.

· Permanent User Enhancements
Purchasing limits can be assigned per user group. Different policies can be applied for any sub‐category of the crew (e.g. one group can consist of the captain and Chief Engineer, another group can consist of the other officers and another group can consist of the rest of the crew) .
A "no purchase period" can be defined during the month allowing the shipping company to settle all pending transactions made on board (typically 1‐2 days at the end of every month)

· Audit Trail
With INFINITY, there are different levels  of authentication, which allow different operation and access to the vessel. All changes applied to  the system are logged for security purposes.

· Permanent User Self Registration (optional, upon customer request)
The crew onboard can apply online for a new permanent INFINITY account.

All existing INFINITY units will be remotely upgraded a few months following the v.1.6 release.