ABC Maritime

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In this case study we shall be examining one of our Swiss customers, ABC Maritime. ABC Maritime manages commercially and technically a fleet of 30 vessels ranging from highly sophisticated chemical carriers to oil tankers operating in short haul trades, to specialised Caspian Sea traders with one of their vessels in a port somewhere in the world every 15 hours. The group has grown to being one of the world’s leading providers of floating accommodation barges in West Africa and major names in the world of Oil, Offshore and Finance consider ABC as Strategic Partners. Their headquarters are on the shores of Lake Leman in Nyon near Geneva.

In the summer of 2012 ABC tendered for satellite communication providers asking for solutions to offer internet to their diverse fleet of vessels, and also to expand the possibilities for business communication. Previously the fleet had been using a mixture of Fleet 77, Fleet 55 and some Fleet Broadband terminals on the 200MB or 3 GB plans. Following the tender process, ABC Maritime selected Navarino as the satellite communication provider for the entire fleet, selecting a range of our solutions.

One group of vessels which operate globally and are ocean going will roll out and install XpressLink with Infinity from Navarino. These vessels will be taking advantage of the global coverage the solution offers, whilst enjoying the fixed fee advantage. Infinity will be used to optimise all traffic, whether it is passing through the VSAT or the FBB antenna, and crew will be allowed internet access through the use of Pins.

For the remaining vessels, some of which are coastal traders around West Africa, a Fleet Broadband 500 or 250 terminal is installed on the Inmarsat 6 GB plan along with Infinity. These vessels did not have the space or requirements for both a FBB 500 and a VSAT antenna that Xpresslink requires. Again, the crews are able to get online by buying Infinity pins from the master and using their own devices to connect through various wifi access points on board.

ABC Maritime has also implemented the Navarino Infinity VOIP system. This system consists of Infinity being installed not only on board vessels, but also in the ABC Maritime offices in Nyon, creating a special VOIP channel between vessel and office. This means that the cost for calling vessels has been greatly reduced, compared to the cost of calling Inmarsat terminals through the local Swiss telecom provider, and also provides the convenience of each vessel having a fixed three digit extension number that can be dialled directly from the telephones in ABC Maritime offices.

Since the project has begun several of ABC Maritime vessels have been equipped with FBB 500s, either as precursor to the Xpresslink installation or simply to begin offering crews the internet access on the 6 GB plan.

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