Infinity news

Saturday, July 6, 2013

This quarter sees the release of the new ship to ship VOIP service from Infinity. By putting an Infinity unit on each vessel, both ships can communicate between themselves using the data channel of their satellite communication channel to make VOIP calls at very low cost. This applies to unlimited number of ships and can be put across a whole fleet for low cost ship to ship calling.

Also new this quarter is the Infinity enterprise VPN solution, which connects vessels to a shipping company network using any kind of internet provider including 3G and Wifi, in addition to satellite networks. This is currently in use with our Infinity reseller Imtech Marine across many of its customers.

Additionally, IT Managers can use Infinity’s new extended filtering tools to set who on board is able to connect over each type of connection. For example, the system can be set up to allow only the Captain to have connectivity over 3G networks for his internet access, but no one else. Any number of these filters can be applied, ensuring only those that the shipping company designate can use the 3G network for the company.

Finally this quarter, the Infinity development team is pleased to announce that Infinity is now fully compatible with the Inmarsat Fleet Broadband multi voice service. This allows multiple, simultaneous calls to be made through the Infinity unit, meaning for example that several crew members can make their crew calls at the low rates of the FBB plan, while the master can at the same time be making and receiving business calls.

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