Infinity v 1.7 Now Live

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This month sees the release of Infinity update version 1.7. As with each Infinity update, the new features of v 1.7 will be pushed automatically to all Infinity users’ units over the coming weeks. Several important new features are included in this version, the most important of which are below:


• Sailor Fleet Broadband Multi Voice support through Infinity
• From the office, Administrators can now login and gift a certain amount of credit to registered crew users. This can be used to offer a certain amount of free usage to crewmembers
• New graphs and logs display usage of registered users data and voice sessions
• All units can now support multi VPNs, through multiple providers and networks. In case of failover, the VPN is maintained during the switch to another network.
• Web proxy filtering can be parameterized according to the Internet Provider the unit is connected to, and can be applied on a per-user basis
• Iridium OpenPort units can now use GPS retrieval
• New logs for Shore to Ship calls made using VOIP
• Self Registration for users means that now when a crewmember first arrives on a vessel he can set up his Infinity account himself.  After entering his details, the request is sent to Administrator for approval, after which account is created.
• Ship to Ship VOIP telephony enables vessels to place very low cost calls to other vessels of their fleet


For a full list of Infinity v. 1.7 upgrades pls contact your Navarino account manager

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