Sunday, October 20, 2013

This month sees the release of Infinity update version 1.7. As with each Infinity update, the new features of v 1.7 will be pushed automatically to all Infinity users’ units over the coming weeks. Infinity is a continuously upgraded service, with the vast majority of the upgrades coming from suggestions and input from our customers. This update sees several important new features for both crew welfare and business applications that bring important new functionalities to the service, the details of which can be found below. Navarino technical support and Infinity teams are able to assist with the implementation and use of all the below changes once they are sent to each vessels Infinity units, please contact your Navarino Account Manager if any guidance is needed in putting  them into practice on any vessels:


• Sailor FleetBroadband Multi Voice support through Infinity, allowing multiple simultaneous voice calls to be made through Sailor terminals.
• From the office, Administrators can now login and gift a certain amount of credit to    registered crew users. This can be used to offer a certain amount of free usage to crewmembers
• New graphs and logs display usage of registered users data and voice sessions
• All units can now support multi VPNs, through multiple providers and networks. In case of failover, the VPN is maintained during the switch to another network.
• Web proxy filtering can be parameterized according to the Internet Provider the unit is connected to, and can be applied on a per-user basis
• Iridium OpenPort units can now use GPS retrieval
• New logs for Shore to Ship calls made using VOIP
• Self Registration for users means that now, when a crewmember first arrives on a vessel he can set up his Infinity account himself.  After entering his details, the request is sent to an Administrator in the office for approval, after which the account is created.
• Ship to Ship VOIP telephony enables vessels to place very low cost calls to other vessels of their fleet


For a full list of Infinity v. 1.7 upgrades, or for any input on what you would like to see in the next upgrade, please contact your Navarino Account Manager.

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