Atlas Maritime’s 6GB plan

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Athens based Atlas Maritime operate 6 vessels. They have recently installed the first infinity unit on the Atlas Voyager, with Fleet Broadband 250 on the 6 GB plan. Previously the vessel was using the Fleet Broadband only for business communications, on the 200 MB plan, but recently the company has decided to start offering its crews options for internet access and Infinity was the route chosen. Atlas has installed Infinity with 2 wifi access points through which the crew of the Atlas Voyager are able to connect to the internet using their own laptops, phones and tablets. PINs of 25 MB are sold by the master, and once the crews have become familiar with the setup on board there are plans to increase the denomination of these PINs.

Besides taking advantage of the low rates per MB that the 6 GB plan provides, the crews are also able to place their personal phone calls at the similarly low voice rates of the larger plan, a great improvement over the previous plan. The crews are spending the same amount of money but getting much more utility for both voice and data communications which makes a big difference to crew morale. Atlas Maritime are also enjoying the ability to send larger business files, chart updates and remote access that combining the 6 GB pan with Infinity has resulted in. The next step in enhancing their communications may be to install an Infinity unit in their offices on shore, to enable very low cost VOIP calling between office and vessel.

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