Efshipping Infinity project

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Efshipping have just recently completed upgrading their vessels with Infinity. The company has a total of 7 vessels and a mix of solutions across the fleet. On 3 ships they are using the previously available Inmarsat 3 GB plan that includes voice minutes, over JRC FleetBroadband 500 terminals, with both data and voice shared with crews using Infinity PINs of 25 and 50 MBs over wifi.


The remaining 4 ships are equipped with Sailor FBB 500 terminals and the Inmarsat 2 GB data plan, again enhanced with Infinity  and a crew wifi network.


Each type of setup took 2 to 3 days  to carry out, and the company is finding that on all vessels the demand for crew internet and voice calling on the larger Inmarsat plans is strong. Each month the allowance is usually reached, and the company is pleased with both the cost and the utility benefits the new set up has brought. Having previously been installed with Fleet 77 and Fleet 33 terminals, the much higher speed over FleetBroadband combined with the large allowance plans have seen a significant improvement on life on board, both in terms of crew welfare and business communication options. Efshipping reports they are most satisfied with the much greater freedom for business users in terms of email attachment size over GTMail, remote access to computers on board through Infinity and the ability to carry out updates to charts and Planned Maintenance Systems that having an allowance of GB provides.

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