INFINITY Cube to be launched in September 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

INFINITY Cube is the latest addition to the Navarino product portfolio, scheduled to be commercially launched in September 2014.

INFINITY Cube consists of two nodes (rack mounted servers), configured to operate in an active – active cluster mode, offering a high availability virtualization platform. INFINITY Cube will also include a number or peripherals and accessories (racks, switches, ups etc.) as part of a complete IT solution for vessels. The new system is providing all existing INFINITY functionality and in addition gives the ability to our customers to install in it virtual machines and applications.

INFINITY Cube is designed to bring a breakthrough to the IT and communication infrastructure deployed onboard vessels, providing a series of unique features:

High availability environment, making sure that INFINITY services but also all critical applications will be available to the users onboard even in the event of hardware failure (e.g. hard disks, power supplies, CPUs etc.).

Consolidation of the IT infrastructure on the vessel. No need to use several computers onboard for PMS, QMS, file sharing and other applications. Instead you create as many virtual machines as needed, in the same hardware platform.

Complete centralized management and administration. Access to all important IT and communication functions, including routing/networking, firewalling, crew internet access and filtering, virtual machines and applications, is available through one common management console, the INFINITY Hub.

Easy deployment of new applications. Remote setup of new virtual machines and installation of new applications, without the need to send new hardware onboard and arrange technician attendances.

Remote onboard IT support, as part of the INFINITY Cube service.

Scalability, INFINITY Cube hardware provides high expandability in memory and hard disk capacity and can meet the most demanding requirements.

Content delivery onboard, not limited to movies and TV shows but also supporting high value services such as remote training and e-learning.

Desktop Virtualization, will be coming up as the next optional INFINITY Cube function and will enable moving workload and applications from the PCs onboard to the secure and completely managed environment of INFINITY Cube. Desktop virtualization will help to reduce PC maintenance and administration cost and eventually replace them with low cost thin clients.

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