World’s first Cloud on board is installed at Eletson

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Navarino’s newly launched Infinity Cube has been installed on its first vessel, the MT Kinaros of Eletson. The company of 31 vessels has put a FleetBroadband 500 and FleetBroadband 250 on almost every ship, and most of these are using Infinity to share a 6 GB SCAP plan with its crew members. Through wifi areas on the accommodation decks, the crew are able to get online using their own devices.

Mr. Michalis Kantartzoglou ICT Administrator, explained why for the Kinaros the Infinity Cube was the right choice -’For the Kinaros we chose the Cube chiefly because we wanted a system that provides full redundancy along with all the Infinity features we use across our fleet. The redundancy of Infinity Cube was thoroughly tested in the Navarino offices, to the extent that we even unplugged the power during operation to ensure that no data loss occurred. We really like the online management the Cube gives us over all software and Virtual Machines on board. Currently we have 3 virtual machines, namely a domain controller, an application server that acts as a remote desktop, and Freenas for back up purposes, while all other clients are dummy clients. We are very satisfied with our choice of the Cube and the new possibilities it allows our ICT department. I would also mention that the support we received from the Infinity department was very helpful and ensured a smooth and fast implementation.’


Mr. Kiriakos Striboulis, Navarino’s Senior Account Manager said ‘We at Navarino are very proud that our first Cube has been installed and we are already seeing a great deal of enthusiasm for the product across all our offices worldwide. I am very pleased that the first installation went so well and I look forward to helping Eletson implement the solution on more of their vessels.’


Complementing the virtual machines feature, Infinity Cube also uses virtual CDs (ISO) technology. This means that almost unlimited software applications can be installed inside the Cube, effectively giving a stack of CDs with everything from Windows, PMS systems and any customized company software into the Cube drive. From here, customers are able to create any number of their own virtual machines, selecting hard disk size, RAM and so on, and then upload any of the softwares onto these virtual machines. This is a huge advantage for IT departments as there is no longer any need to send out computers preloaded with software to their vessels, nor to send out CDs containing critical software, as everything is secure in the Cube, ready to be uploaded instantly and remotely from shore.

Stay tuned for more news and information on the Infinity Cube as this exciting new product continues to develop. For any inquiries please contact your Navarino Account Manager or email us on


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