Infinity News Latest HTTP Compression Module Goes Live

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Every quarter we like to report on some of the new features that our Infinity team has developed and put in place across vessels at sea, and this edition we have two interesting developments for the Infinity service.

The first is that we have released a new compression module update, which automatically went out live to all Infinity vessels in December. This new module improves the compression gain on all HTTP traffic by 40%, resulting in an even better internet experience for those on board.

Despite this being a very recent update, we are already hearing feedback from users that the speed on board is significantly improved, which our Infinity team is very happy to hear.

The other development is the new feature developed in conjunction with some of our Scandinavian customers. Namely, it is now possible for a shipping company to put its entire database of 1000s of suppliers onto the Infinity.

These databases can be accessed by the vessel whenever supplies are needed, while the database is managed onshore by the office. Whenever a new supplier joins the database on land, the new supplier information is automatically replicated on board across the entire fleet over the Infinity unit, meaning that the vessel always has the most up to date supplier information easily accessible.

This has made the acquisition and coordination of getting supplies to the vessel much more streamlined and efficient for both the office and ship.

Expect more Infinity news next edition as the team keeps bringing updates to the service based on your feedback!