The Areas of Interest Feature

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New features will be made available to all Infinity users as the next Infinity update goes live over the coming weeks.


One of the additions to the latest suite of features is the Areas of Interest feature. This allows you to define areas and then define actions to be taken when the vessel enters or leaves such an area. For example it could be that an email is sent to the office when the vessel enters an area which is known for piracy issues, and at the same time to make the crew more alert by automatically stopping Internet access. When the vessel leaves this area then other actions can be taken, like re-enabling the Internet and also sending an email to the office that the vessel has left this critical area.


 Another example would be when the vessel is entering a SECA zone where it is supposed to slow down, so an alert can be generated to inform the vessel and maybe also the Captain.