Raft of new Infinity features to come in next update

Monday, November 23, 2015

The latest round of updates to Infinity are just around the corner, and in this article we look briefly at some of the most important additions to its suite of features. Expect all of these features to be made available to all Infinity users as the next update goes live over the coming weeks.


Remember that often these updates are developed as a result of feedback by our customers and users. If there is a feature you would like to see added to the Infinity portfolio, all you need to do is let your account manager know your suggestions. All suggestions are passed on to the Infinity development team, and where feasible, are developed and put into use for all Infinity units.


File to email/email to file
You can simply define any folder, file or group/pattern of files up to any depth of your file system to be used for generating an email which will be sent to an Infinity either on board or on shore and be extracted on the predefined destination.

Firewall per provider
This allows different firewall rules to be implemented across multiple providers and use different firewall zones for each of those providers (VSAT/FBB/Wifi). This gives the ability to change the behavior of the firewall based on the provider.

Address Book replication
Address book replication is the ability to connect to any LDAP server, among them MS Exchange, and collect all contacts from the Office and replicate it on vessels, thus eliminating the need for the Captain to search for email addresses as they are already on his pc, synched from the office.


One crew calling PIN for multiple networks
This is a billing platform for multiple voice networks which gives you the ability to use different tariffs per Voice provider. For example, charge one price for the crew to use the FBB Voice service and another price for using the Iridium voice service.


Quality of Service
This gives the option to tag traffic with different priority levels (low, medium, high and critical), A simple example here would be that business email will always have priority over crew traffic.

VPN with time restricted login
VPN with restricted login period is the option that Infinity provides to allow access to third parties to a specific vessel only at a predefined time period. This allows for example the Manufacturer of the engine of the vessel to connect only on Monday from 13:00 to 15:00 (vessels time) to maintain the engine and be sure that this access will be revoked after that period has passed. It is also possible to make this a repeating rule, to allow the window of access every Monday or every 1st of the month


Areas of Interest
Finally is the ‘Areas of Interest’ feature. This allows you to define areas and then define actions to be taken when the vessel enters or leaves such an area, for example disabling the crew internet network if the vessel enters pirate waters.