Navarino steps up cyber security in all areas

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

At Posidonia, Navarino announced that its latest cyber security review had been completed. The company regularly evaluates its security measures to maintain a high level of defence against cyber threats, both as an organization and for its portfolio of services. 


The current cyber security framework is being expanded to enhance and ensure the company’s compliance with international cyber security standards. This framework relates in particular to how the company itself is secured and how it secures its offices, workforce and data from cyber attack. 


As part of Navarino’s security policy, Infinity is fully security-assessed by external cyber security experts. Its defences are continuously monitored and undergo aggressive testing in order to assess and implement new security measures on a regular basis, as part of the solutions’ constant maintenance and development. 


Finally, Navarino is also preparing a commercial cyber security package that will be available for customers. This package will constantly screen customers’ vessels (and optionally their offices) for cyber threats, using both Intrusion Detection Software and Intruder Prevention Software. This will make sure that any malicious software or cyber threats are detected wherever they may be on customers IT networks and stopped before they become a problem. 


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