Infinity workshops held in Rotterdam, Oslo and Hamburg as interest in the Navarino solution skyrockets

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Navarino’s Infinity architects have had a busy quarter touring Europe over the past weeks to host Infinity workshops in several cities. We have held events in Oslo, Rotterdam and Hamburg, and each provided the opportunity for customers to come witness live demonstrations, learn about the latest developments and see the features of Infinity using real data. Inmarsat also participated in our events to present an update on the new Fleet Xpress service.


The link with Inmarsat and Fleet Xpress is important to highlight, as while the Fleet Xpress service is fully redundant in terms of using dual antennas on board and dual Satellite Access Stations on land in case of bad weather, the onboard below deck equipment is a single point of failure. And this is solved by Infinity Cube which offers dual nodes, and therefore is the only Fleet Xpress box which can bring full redundancy to the entire Fleet Xpress setup.


Each event was well attended and as always we received useful comments and feedback from many of those present and we were pleased that many reported that they learned much from the sessions and found them really useful.


We would like to thank all our attendees, and to inform our readers that the next Infinity workshops will be held very soon, for information please check the ’Where we are next’ section on our website or ask your account manager who will be able to inform you of the next event.


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