INFINITY is a bandwidth management and optimization solution especially designed for IP based communication solutions (FleetBroadband, VSAT, 3G, etc).  In addition to the cost efficiencies and crew welfare advantages, Infinity provides users with a number of additional value-added services.  Infinity also offers centralized control of all vessels’ systems and networks through a user-friendly interface without the need to connect remotely with each vessel’s server.

The core elements of the system are:

a. A rugged industrial standard onboard computer or server(s).

b. A virtual server uploaded with proprietary software, located onshore (using “Cloud ”technology).

c. A web based password-protected interface through which customers can fully manage and control the settings of their ships equipped with Infinity units or view/download any information related to the use and management of infinity.

Infinity family of products consists of Infinity Standard, Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube.