Supplementary Features

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Infinity, through version 2.0, offers the following services:

Supplementary Features


Light  versus Normal Surfing on Demand
Users have the option to switch between “Light” and “Normal” sites.  When “Light” sites are selected the consumption is greatly reduced as Infinity is effectively recognized as a mobile device.  In case “Normal” is selected then the full content of the web sites is downloaded.  For registered users (not Pins), the “last saved” setting is used when logging on each time.



Web Accelerator
Specialized accelerator software has been developed, enabling much higher download speeds, improving the user experience.



Access Control Lists (Filtering of e-mail and web sites)
This service gives users the capability to define parameters to allow or deny internet access (in terms of URL patterns (blacklist/white-list) and time-based restrictions for web access). It also enables the shipping company administrator to blacklist/white-list e-mail domains or set maximum e-mail size limits on a per vessel basis.


All parameters are set on-shore and at the push of a button, vessels’ INFINITY boxes can be synchronized to implement the same parameters.  This service not only works on a “per vessel” basis (meaning that different parameters can apply to different ships) but also can set different parameters for each user group or individual on the same vessel.


File Type filtering for e-mail and web, Including Smart e-mail filtering

With Infinity, the IT administrator can set smart filtering both for e-mail and web use to align the service with the company’s policy.  Filters can be set on the basis of file types (e.g. block .jpg files) and/or on the basis of providers used.  Different priorities can be set to different providers and it is possible to allow different files to pass through different providers using different conditions.  For example, it is possible to set Infinity to route all internet traffic through VSAT and all e-mail traffic through FBB, but IF an e-mail is urgent or FBB is down, to automatically re-route that e-mail using VSAT.


In addition priorities can be set based on keywords or file types.  In general, Infinity’s filtering capabilities are very advanced and unique, and can accommodate the vast majority of any customers’ requirements.





Advanced Content Filtering including Antivirus
Shipping companies can choose which categories of websites should be blocked onboard. INFINITY Advanced Content Filtering uses various methods to block content including phrase matching, picture filtering and URL filtering. At the same time the Anti-Virus software scans all incoming and outgoing traffic (web objects and e-mail) automatically.



Database functionality with automatic queries
All logs of Infinity can be queried using logical operations.  All retrieved information can then be downloaded as excel files.  All logical queries can be saved, configured to be executed at pre-defined time intervals and the results to be sent automatically by e-mail to predefined e-mail recipients.


Virtual LANs
The network manager can split and isolate a vessel’s single physical network into 4096 network segments, applying different firewall rules to each.  This feature is particularly useful in cases where there are physical network limitations onboard vessels.


Vessel live position, speed and heading calculation and status reporting
The home page of Infinity’s portal displays a Google map depicting all vessels of the company equipped with Infinity and showing parameters such as direction, speed and longitude/latitude.  Infinity boxes located on the vessels contact the main hub at minimum once every 17 minutes and send updated information.  In case no network traffic is observed from the vessel for 20 minutes, the status of the vessel on the map turns red indicating there may be a failure with the Fleet broadband unit. There is an option to automatically send e-mails to the shipping company (generated and submitted by main hub) indicting that there is a problem with the vessel.  Instant polling is also available with a right click of the mouse.

Traffic measure and reporting
This service captures IP traffic in real time for both inbound and outbound traffic and stores it both on the shore-based server (hub) and on board.  The two databases are then synchronized at regular intervals and are saved to a fully managed database (in the main hub unit) that is accessible and managed by the shipping company.  Various types of reports that depict both business and crew traffic are then produced using real-time information (with a slight time delay).



VPN Connectivity
VPN connectivity between ship and office can be provided on demand to any users requiring such a service.


Remote monitoring and notification of critical hardware functionality
Infinity continuously monitors all critical parameters associated with the hardware and software used onboard, such as temperature, hard disk status, processor status, etc.  In the event of failure or of observing a value outside the normal range for each of the parameters, Infinity sends such information to Navarino’s support unit.  Repair or replacement can then be arranged.  As, often, hardware malfunctions are not critical and do not render the Infinity units non-operational, this tool is very useful for preventive maintenance and repair purposes, and reduces the possible down-time of the service.


Security and Audit trail
With Infinity, there are different levels of authentication allowing different operations and all changes applied to the system are logged for security purposes.  Any information related to such changes can also be downloaded at any time for further use.



Kill all/Kill any
The IT administrator or captain onboard can monitor which user is online at any time and decide to terminate any particular user’s session.  Alternatively it is also possible to terminate all users online connections, for example in case of emergency or in case of hardware failure that would result in reduced speed/functionality, in order to save bandwidth and use it only for business purposes.



Areas of Interest
Finally is the ‘Areas of Interest’ feature. This allows you to define areas and then define actions to be taken when the vessel enters or leaves such an area, for example disabling the crew internet network if the vessel enters pirate waters.


Firewall per provider
This allows different firewall rules to be implemented across multiple providers and use different firewall zones for each of those providers (VSAT/FBB/Wifi). This gives the ability to change the behavior of the firewall based on the provider.


One crew calling PIN for multiple networks
This is a billing platform for multiple voice networks which gives you the ability to use different tariffs per Voice provider. For example, charge one price for the crew to use the FBB Voice service and another price for using the Iridium voice service


VPN with time restricted login
VPN with restricted login period is the option that Infinity provides to allow access to third parties to a specific vessel only at a predefined time period. This allows for example the Manufacturer of the engine of the vessel to connect only on Monday from 13:00 to 15:00 (vessels time) to maintain the engine and be sure that this access will be revoked after that period has passed. It is also possible to make this a repeating rule, to allow the window of access every Monday or every 1st of the month


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Support
Both Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube have full support for VDI either using Microsoft Terminal Services or multiple VMs running Windows hosts that can be accessed from Thin Clients.

Cluster-Aware File System and Volume Management
The File System used in Infinity Cube is Cluster-Aware and uses LVM (Logical Volume Management) to provide flexibility in the Shared Storage.