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Infinity, through version 2.0, offers the following services:

Main Services

  • Crew Calling Service through the use of PINS or with registered users, or both
  • Crew Internet Café service with the use of PINS or with registered users, or both
  • Web surfing with compression, advertisement removal and caching proxy onboard
  • Fully managed Firewall service including “Fleet‐wide Rules” capability
  • E‐mail service with compression (body & attachments) for Business or Crew use
  • Automatic File synchronization Service with compression
  • Failover and Load Balancing
  • Ship‐to‐shipping company free of charge VoIP service
  • Full termination VoIP service
  • Web Services (SOAP and XML)
  • File to Email/Email to File
  • Address book replication
  • Quality of Service ( QoS)
  • Virtualization capabilities
  • Clustering Management and Administration Tools


Supplementary Features

  • Light or Normal Surfing on Demand
  • Web Accelerator
  • Access Control Lists
  • File Type filtering for e‐mail and web, including Smart e‐mail filtering
  • Advanced Content Filtering including Antivirus
  • Database functionality with automatic queries
  • Virtual LANs
  • Vessel live position, speed and heading calculation as well as status reporting
  • Traffic measuring and reporting
  • VPN Connectivity Upon request
  • Remote monitoring of critical functions
  • Security and Audit trail
  • Kill All – Kill any
  • Areas of Interest
  • VDI Support
  • Cluster-Aware File System and Volume Management