• Reliability: By using RAID technology, RAID-1 (for Infinity) and RAID-1 + HotSpare or RAID-10 (for Infinity Plus and Infinity Cube), the service is extremely reliable.

• Advanced Network Management: Infinity provides connectivity redundancy using automatic fail-over and load balancing capabilities, compatible with all networks and providers.

• Industrial Internet Enabler: Business controlled Internet Access, Machine-to-Machine, Over the air System Upgrades.

• Evolution: Infinity is a live and ever-evolving product with a dedicated development team and free updates.

• Advanced Content Management: Content management for both web browsing and email.

• Cost Efficiency: Total communications cost control, compression, browsing optimization



• Crew Calling : Crew calling based on PINs.

• Crew Internet: Internet Cafe, with user and/or PINs authentication with Web Caching deployed to 4 POPs in different locations around the world for minimum latency and faster access.

• BYOD: Bring Your Own Device concept, supporting PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets.




• Centralized, automated remote management: Through a web-accessed interface, Infinity provides vessels with centralized and automated remote management capabilities. All changes are applied on-shore and vessel settings are updated on the fly automatically.


•  Database driven system: Infinity is a database-driven system that provides data consistency and accuracy and is also easily expandable.

• Office Integration: The SOAP/XML capability can be used for full integration of office ERP systems with those onboard, used to invoke internal Infinity functions from foreign applications.

• High Level Security: Infinity uses the most sophisticated and flexible firewall in the industry, and multi-level user authentication.

• Virtualization onboard: With Infinity Plus and Cube, any kind of virtual machine can be installed and maintained onboard.

•  HUB in the Cloud: Infinity offers cloud-technology for the shore-based infrastructure, ensuring reliability, efficiency and scalability.